Rev. Marti Keller

Rev. Marti Keller is serving as a co-transition minister for the UU Church of Jacksonville, Florida. Just previously she was the consulting minister for the Auburn UU Fellowship in Alabama through July 2019 and an independent consultant on congregational ministry. She has been both a parish and community minister, serving congregations in the Mid-South since 1998. She has been a guest speaker in many pulpits, including Dublin, Ireland, and San Miguel De Allende, Mexico.

Rev. Keller is endorsed by the Humanist Society as a Humanist Celebrant. Endorsed Humanist Celebrants are the clergy of the Humanist Society (American Humanist Association) and are authorized to both act as legal officiants at weddings and to conduct memorials and perform other ceremonial functions.

She is also a published poet with Red Wool Socks and Dark Chocolate: A Life in Three Lines (Matrika Press, 2020), Thinking in Haiku (CreateSpace, 2017), Prickly Pear (Farm House Press, 2009), and South/West (Shakespeare's Sisters Press, 2013). She is the co-editor, with Leah Hart-Landsberg, of Jewish Voices in Unitarian Universalism (Skinner House, 2014). She is also an author and editor of Faith of UU Jews, part of the welcoming pamphlet library of the Unitarian Universalist Association.

Rev. Marti Keller is available to perform weddings. For those who are interested in the kind of services that reflect their own spirituality and religious beliefs, who want to avoid patriarchal and sexist words and symbols, who want to celebrate rather than solemnize their commitment, Unitarian Universalist services are ideal. [More About Marti]

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New Poetry Chapbook Available Now

Red Wool Socks and Dark Chocolate: A Life in Three Lines, in its attention to the objects and experiences in one's everyday life, affirms the sentiment that haiku and haiku-like short verses can find their inspiration beyond the realms of nature and seasonal themes. Informed by marvelous examples given at the North America haiku conference, this chapbook features culturally appropriate observations and reflections. This expansive approach to these brief, immediate verses offers a satisfying interlude between the ordinary and the sacred.

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Latest Poem

Coming of October

Coming of October
summered houseplants hibernated
bird feeder refilled

Begonias gone sparse and leggy
leaves autumned

last bare morning legs
next April

monkey grass flowers
hold on
and trumpet vine blossoms

leaves do not fall gracefully
they shoot down.

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